Specialists Corner

Everyone is an expert on something. Dr. Chris Dede says that building an effective distributed community involves members becoming topic-specific experts so that they can help others as necessary. This is the resource page where you can identify your expertise. Begin with the skills that you have now, but add to the list as you learn new skills and feel comfortable with your new knowledge.

Click on the Edit button in the upper right corner and then add your specialties using the format below.

What technology do you feel comfortable using?

Dr. Z - Blogging, wiki-ing, Google Docs, Second Life, Twittering, Adobe Connect, Learning about Gaming, Biking on RAGBRAI

Kristen - Google Docs, Microsoft Office on PC's, some Adobe programs

Dan Mourlam - iMovie, Google Apps, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, iPads, Laptops, iPods, BB9, Adobe Connect, Clickers, Office, Google Reader, Mac OS X, Polycoms, Digital Cameras, Camcorders

Destery Hildenbrand - Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, premiere, illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft suite programs (word, excel, access, PowerPoint, outlook), iPad, iPod, iPhone, twitter, Facebook, no zombies allowed

Min Zhang- Photoshop, illustrator, Corel painter, Corel VideoStudio, Dreamweaver, Wacom, Google Apps, PBwork, Microsoft Office

Nelson Rokke - Adobe CS5.5 & 6 Masters Collection, Google Apps, Google Adsense, Facebook Advertising, PayPal, Web Hosting, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, PHP, jQuery

Maryam Rod- Photography and Photoshop, making short movies using i Movie/Windows movie maker, adobe premier (amateur), blogging, twittering, Wiki, second life, Microsoft Office, Google+ and some Google Apps. some smartphones like Nokia, tablets.more professional at Windows.

Alyssa Bruecken - Microsoft Office, Prezi, Facebook, Google+, Skype, Google Docs, IPads, Laptops, Flip cams, flip phones, digital cameras, self-checkout, floppy disks, typewriters

Zachary P. Benton-Slocum - Google Docs, Blogging, twitter, adobe connect, Gaming, Facebook, iPad, iPod, iPhone, office, nook, almost feel comfortable for macs, skype, itunes, mumble, ventrilo, steam, Audacity, cameras, and amazon.

Andrea Held- Google docs., Microsoft office/Microsoft suite programs, Microsoft Publisher, Facebook, Skype, itunes, Amazon/Kindle

Stacey Jambura - Google Sites, Microsoft Office programs, iPad/Pod/Phone, WordPress blogging, digital cameras, video cameras and FlipCams, iTunes, photo editing, Pintrest, Edmodo, Promethean Boards

Wilson Rojas - Google Docs, Graphic Design, Social Media, Audio, Video, HTML, CSS, Word, Wordpress