Please place a link to your Module 7 presentation page. This is how your classmates will be able to find and review your work so they will be better able to appreciate your presentation on Sunday night at 7:30 when we get together to share our 15 minute presentations.

Contents: Please include: Name of the Module (School or ?), Your team name, Your team members and a short description of what your project is trying to achieve. Make it long enough so that your classmates will better understand your intention as they review the work over the weekend. Please create the link from the title in your entry to your web presence for your project.

Panther High School
The Fightin' Fourth
Bill Lammers
Lance Lennon
Evans Mudanya
Cathy Olson
Our presentation is a YouTube Video for our school board requesting a smaller 1:1 implementation for an English Writer's Lab. We are asking for laptops for two classrooms, a total of 60 machines and software to help increase student achievemnt scores on the Iowa Asesment and on the ACT Writing Assessment
JaJoSa Elementary
Jami Elliott
Lisa Schaa
Sara Richardson
Joni Walvatne
Our presentation is a Google Presentation which details the process we journeyed through as we created a plan for using iPads in a 1:1 learning environment for first through third grades at JaJoSa Elementary. We are wanting iPads to use to help students become better readers.
MCCL Middle/High School
Combination Teachers
Chelsey Heidemann Mande AlexanderClay Edwards Linda Engel
Our presentation is a Google Presentation that can be found in our Google Documentation. The document describes the written portion of our presentation that ties into our Google Presentation. MCCL would like to implement laptops at the seventh grade level to improve student achievement in the areas of math and reading on the Iowa Assessment.
BMK High School
Meet Our Teachers
Brandi Day
Kristen Murphy
Candyce Frink
Meghan White
Our presentation was done in VoiceThread and represents our "total package" and work throughout the semester. 1:1 implementation of laptops (via Chromebooks) and funding is discussed for our rural high school. The resources and data focus on English and Writing instruction for 10th grade as specific examples. Our full written work & meeting notes were done on Group 2 Script Writings & Google Docs
Just Be Digital With Me (JBDWM)
Marty Mark
Deb Bruxvoort
Brandyce Frink
Wilson Rojas Bugueno
Josh Mitchell
We created a VoiceThread to present our plan for going 1-1. Our focus is to create a multidimensional learning experience for our students encompassing our unique personal learning solutions alongside integrative technology for an enriched learning environment beneficial to closing reading achievement gaps.
The Dream School
3 Girls, A Guy, and A Google Doc
Carrie Jacobs
Jennie Kies
Nelson Rokke
Stacy Marcus
Our presentation is a Google Presentation that can be found at The Dream School 1-to-1 Website. The presentation describes the process of how we are planning on using laptops with ebooks to help our students to become better readers. A description of our "dream" school is also provided.