Elementary Techsperts Meeting Notes

Meeting Records(all members present unless otherwise noted)

*February 2, 2012: Skype recording--__http://vimeo.com/36178179__

*February 12, 2012: after lunch we worked via this Google doc and the side chat as we were able-- __https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zvMCj-iiQyySd_Xgg7xGaPS6HyRXZacncGu4dPzlK34/edit#__

*February 15, 2012: Skyped while working on this Google doc (I recorded with my cell phone’s camcorder . . . I had to restart it about 3 times and I think the recording has the first bit fine, but then moves to the end, and the end of the recording is the middle of our conversation. I cut out some parts to make it shorter. I forgot about the video part and the camera is kind of all over as our cats were pestering me. . . just ignore the whole video part. Sara)--https://vimeo.com/36878228

*February 22, 2012: Skyped while working on the Google doc. We finished writing our activites/technologies for the standards. We also explained the Contextual Situation/Demographics and crafted our description of how we TPaCKed the standards.

*February 29, 2012: Skyped to compare our Module 4 with the rubric.

*March 7, 2012: 7:15-8:55pm Skyped to review Module 5 and complete the homework assignments for the Scholastic Grant Seminar. The title of the project is Tablets 2 L2R (Tablets to Learn to Read). It will be for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students in our JaJoSa Elementary School building. We need to raise our students' reading scores and can do this by engaging students with motivational apps and interactive text. We have decided to go with Archos Child Pad at $129 each, along with money for apps. Much of the grant will be spent on professional development for the teachers, which is what we believe needs to be highlighted in order for our project to succeed. We will meet again on Monday to complete the actual Enhance Hamilton County Grant.

*March 12, 2012: 6:30-8:15 Skyped and finished the sixth homework assignment from Scholastic as well as filled out the information on our actual grant. Our work from the meeting on the 7th paid off, as tonight was a lot of copying and pasting. We will take tomorrow to review and proof our work, then meet again Wednesday at 6:30.

*March 21, 2012: 6:30-8:15 Skyped and worked on this Google doc, collaborating and completing many of the Tools from the Iowa Professional Development Model pdf. We had real testing data to enter, so that was great. We found a couple of research studies to defend our work, and were pleased to note we could recycle some information (i.e. the PD timeline) from our Grant. Next Wednesday we will meet at the same time and in the same place to finish 2 or the Tools and write our plan in paragraph form.

*April 11, 2012: 6:00- Skyped and worked on Google doc for Module 7. We took the assignment and figured out what content we were required to share, then wrote some notes as to where to find that content. Then, we transferred the information to a Google presentation and minimized and reworded the content to fit the purpose.