Each of your groups have created Jing videos of your presentation of information discovered through your research.

Identify your group, write a paragraph explaining your research, and create a link from your group's title to the Jing video.

Management Group - Jing Video
How can we as educators help our colleagues more successfully integrate technology into the classroom? As we take this journey into the Instructional Technology field, we are assigning to ourselves the role of leaders, and with that role of leadership, we need to consider the needs of our colleagues and fellow teachers. Our question directly addresses those needs by asking them what they want to use and utilize in their teaching.

Utilization Group - Jing Video
Communication is changing rapidly, but it is the fabric that holds us all together. How do you receive and send information? This is important when it comes to a Distributed Learning Community. Because in order for a DLC to be successful, all members must use the same medium in order to receive and deliver information. So we sought out to discover how our cohorts communicate throughout their day.
Utilization Project Document

Evaluation Group - Jing Video
With summer vacation quickly approaching, the travel bug is in the air. Team Evaluation set out to find out a bit more about our classmates and their travels. We hope you will enjoy seeing these results and learning a bit more about your fellow Cohorts and where all everyone has traveled, their transportation preferences, and their dream destinations to visit.

Team Development - Jing Video
Our team wanted to know more about how our cohorts use technology in their daily lives. The research question our team came up with was, "How do fellow cohort members utilize technology in their everyday activities?" Responses regarding experience with technology, social media habits, platform and device preference, provide background on our fellow cohort's preferences and habits using technology. The data from our survey will improve our ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, and support each other over the next two years.
EIT Collaboration Project Document - Team Development

Team Design - Jing Video
Our team did a little background research on how often teachers had access to technology in their classroom. We were also curious as to if teachers had a technology "wish", what would they like to add to their arsenal. Besides using technology as the needs for others, we asked about each other's ability to access technology as soon as they get up in the morning.
EIT Collaboration Project Document - Team Design